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So I took a bunch of pepto hoping it would fix my tum-tum but uhhh.... It's even worse today! Sarah of course complained about my stomach making noises! I hate her and this stupid fucking job! I went to go take an anger shit to relieve some stress and pain.... it was probably in my top 3 shits I've ever taken... One time I ate 84 atomic boom-boom wings at Tallboy's Wingz 'n' Thingz and took a gnarly shit shortly afterwards, one of the most satisfying shits of my life! This one though.... tops even THAT one! Hahaha WHOO! I can't wait to see the size of this bad boy! It feels like I shit a fucking cinderblock-- ............ there's nothing in the toilet.... I know I heard it splash! I.... what was that sound? Sounds like Sarah screaming... which is.... bittersweet...


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