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Upset Tum-tum...

Updated: May 24, 2018

Oooooh gee! Oh no.... my tummy was just in knots today guys! I mean OOOOO WEEE!!! Ugh, I was talking to Sarah, and I was like "Saraaaaaah! Saraaaah! My tummy Sarah! It hurts! Saraaaaaah!" she ignored me of course... little jerk... little dummy... a real dirty little sausage that one. You know she hits her animals... and her children... she hits them... I've seen it.... anyways, back to MEEEE!!! OOOOO WEEEE!!! My tummy! I don't know what it is! but it's fucking killing me my guy! Fam, it's straight up killing me my G! OOOOO help! Help us!................

also, I'm gonna watch the Flash finale tonight, should be good....


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